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Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business since more traffic = more revenue, right? I, Charles Lomotey, aka Mr. NYC SEO will work tirelessly to ensure that your website ranks on the first page of Google’s search results so that you can get more high-quality traffic and grow your revenue.

If you want assistance with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you should visit my page. New York City (NYC) is one of the most populous cities in the U.S. One of the toughest keywords to rank for in the city is “SEO Expert NYC”, which I rank for. If I’m able to rank highly for such a competitive keyword in such a competitive city, you can only imagine what I can do for you, your business, and website.

We are the best SEO Agency in the East Coast. There aren’t any doubts about this fact. We aren’t your average search engine optimization agency but rather one of the leading search engine marketing companies in one of the most competitive locations in the world.

If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from the same blueprint we have used over many years to propel many businesses to online success. We are the #1 SEO agency in New York City and one of the leading companies in the country.

Fill out our discovery application form today to get your free consultation that takes anywhere from 45 minutes to about 1 hour. During the consultation, we’ll map out your future revenue and give your website a tentative ranking into the future.

We are actually one of a handful of SEO agencies that guarantee your website will rank on the first page of Google’s search results or a full refund. You therefore lose nothing by giving us a try. Call us today and let us propel your business to greater heights. We look forward to working with you soon.

Why Is SEO Important for Small Businesses?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the single most important factor affecting the ranking of a website on Google’s search results pages. If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of relevant Google search results, you are essentially losing money. In fact, by not appearing, you are giving money to your competition.

Optimization is needed to ensure that websites rank highly on the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Once the website is properly optimized, your content, goods, and services will increase in popularity, which will in turn grow your business revenue.

Optimization, however, requires the help of a professional SEO consultant or agency that knows how to do it right. Fortunately, Mr. SEO Expert NYC is one such agency. If you want to rank highly in the search results, you need to hire our firm.

Working with a professional SEO agency/consultant will also help you save time. Search engines such as Google rank websites using algorithms that are incredibly difficult to understand for non-professionals. SEO experts, however, just need to look at the content of your website to come up with a solution to meet your specific needs.

A professional SEO agency such as our company can harmonize the content on your web by identifying keywords that suit both the content on your page and your kind of business. Our keyword research also identifies what keywords your competitors are targeting. The combination of the two strategies results in an appealing website that gives you an edge over your competitors. It will help you save time that you can otherwise use to make more money in your business.

Consultations are the other way your business benefits. You would want to work together with an expert to get results quickly. Frequent consultations with the SEO agency/consultant are required for them to better understand what you do and the audience you are targeting.

Once you have a good idea of the audience you are targeting, the SEO agency/consultant can now do proper keyword research for the website. The optimization of the website drives a lot of traffic to your website and your business earns more revenue and makes higher profits in return.

Your website represents your business online. The SEO expert helps potential customers find your website. It doesn’t matter how good your website is; if the people that you are targeting are unable to find your website, it is as good as not having a website at all.

Is SEO Cost Effective?


To put it simply, yes. If you bring our team in the picture, you will get a higher return on investment (ROI). Hundreds of businesses essentially waste thousands of dollars on various forms of online advertising hoping that someone will see the advertisement and click on it.

In contrast, with SEO, you are essentially reaching a targeted audience that’s actively looking for the goods and/or services you offer. It is unlike the other strategy where you cross your fingers hoping that someone interested in what you have to offer will see your ad.

SEO agencies/consultants come up with the best solutions guaranteed to rank your website for keywords within a very short time. SEO experts can also give you ideas on how to properly monetize your website, which means that you not only save time but also gain money.

If you have a limited marketing budget, you can also hire an SEO expert on contractual terms. Rather than optimizing all pages at once, you can optimize the pages at specific intervals. The resultant website that’s professionally optimized will stand out from the competition.

You can find an SEO agency/consultant using a variety of approaches. You can ask family and friends that have used similar services in the past for referrals or you can find one online through platforms such as message boards and review websites.

You can get several SEO experts from online review websites, but you need to research them thoroughly. You need to know what experience they have and the websites that they have helped rank in the search results. Both of these factors will help you understand the professionals you are considering hiring to handle your online marketing.

The unfortunate reality is that many people refer to themselves as experts but don’t have the required experience to successfully rank a website. Some of the so-called “experts” may even harm your website by using methods and tactics that go against the professional code and may get your website penalized. A penalty will make your website unsearchable on the leading search engines.

If you hire Charles Lomotey today, you will enjoy many more benefits. Don’t miss any of them. Pick up the phone and give us a call today and we will give you the necessary firepower to ensure that you fly high.